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It occurred to me that I pass Elliott's Hardware on the way to B's, so last night I picked up some window film. They only had automotive, but 2 boxes covered the wall of windows in my living room. Super Limo Black, 95% light blocked. 67% heat reject. I bet it looks ridiculous from outside, but no more so than taping up long quarterly calendar pages as I tore them off. I can see my laptop screen. I don't feel like I'm about to burst into flames.

This is just so awesome that I really quite resent having to go to the office. But I must start getting ready. I do like my patients of the day, but I am just more interested in nesting. I've been organizing the chaos. Unfortunately, Elliott's was all out of fly paper. Die, gnats, die!


Jul. 7th, 2009 05:39 pm
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I don't often do formulas, but the one for IBS is only two herbs away from jadescreen, which I was taking for immune-boosting when I was dabbling in raw herb blends. I remember where in my notes and what my notebook for that class looked like. I can't find my damn notebook. And my bag of peony root has been opened, so obviously I have referenced my notes before, in the last year. I remember the patient, too. I can only hope it's in my file cabinet at work and I just misfiled it somewhere. I was looking at the red folder for treatment of disease, when I think it was a blue folder for differentiation of disease.

It could be as well that it's on a CD somewhere, because I'm fairly certain I typed up my notes for that class.

Oh well, someone as type A as this person probably isn't going to find time to boil a formula anyway.
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I've had the same little box of Vietnamese dark roast for longer than I'd care to admit. I don't regularly drink coffee, and when I do, I make it a cup at a time with a cone filter. So now I get to buy coffee again, more than likely that will last me over a year! Decisions, decisions.
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I just got my eyes checked and stuff in April. I got a year's worth of contacts, I'm not a quarter through, but I think they're worthless. Either my prescription is right at the quarter mark (I'm wildly myopic, and the prescriptions only go up by half points in contact lenses when they're as strong as mine), or my astigmatism has gotten to the point where it really needs to be corrected. I tried good sleep and new lenses, and it worked for half a day. I need to be wearing glasses pretty much all the time if my left eye isn't going to be distinctly weaker, which makes me feel lethargic and headachey. Except even with the highest tech lenses, glare coat, high index, yadda yadda yadda, glasses make me feel lethargic and headachey. I need peripheral vision to feel entirely awake and functional. I also don't have the nose to wear glasses comfortably.

Heat makes me feel lethargic and headachey, too. My air conditioning seems to be working now, so I guess I can only count on it to cool 15 degrees.

It was nice to have some time off, but I need some home/paperwork time where it is cool enough to think.


Jul. 2nd, 2009 01:07 pm
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After all that kneading and rolling, I really didn't have the energy to do more pictures once I'd boiled my lunch. Pics of finished product maybe the next time I boil it. This was the first time I made pasta from scratch on my own; Central Market cooking class doesn't count, because then you have a teacher to tell you to knead more and check the consistency. I think it turned out okay.
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So much for integrity of registry sets! Given that my nice blue-tinted barware glasses have a way of chipping in the dishwasher, I have been mostly using the big glasses with the orange swirl around the middle. I just poured myself a glass of water and picked up...the TOP of my glass, the part above the orange swirl. Nice. I did get full sets of six on everything, but I am down to 5 on dinner plates, I think 4 on my coffee cups, and 4 or 5 on 3 different sets of glassware. I have the full 6 of my bowls, but only because I replaced one.

But you know? Seating for 4 is a huge stretch in my current place, I care way more about the comestibles in/on the tableware than the pieces themselves, and if I ever get to a spot where I have room, I'll be able to afford coordinated stuff again. China is such a racket. I think my sister served me and G-man brunch for 3 on hers once; she registered for the fancy schmancy pattern, and I'm not sure she ever filled out a set.
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[ profile] eyeawry is hoping for a sudden, choreographed group of mourning zombies close to midnight tonight.
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Lemon iced-coffee, sweetened. I made it fizzy with soda water. Pretty interesting. I haven't caffeinated in over a week, so I think I'm going to be a real pain in the ass in about 15 minutes. Now I have two new patients, for easy sounding issues, but they sounded like high maintenance people on the phone. I know I just had time off, but I can haz more time off? *looks forward to 4th of July, at least I'm giving myself one day*
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8 patients in 4.5 hours today. T's out of town, so I used her room. And chanced to use L's at the end when my last two were early. Some easy, most quite complicated and talky. I have things to do, but I can't make myself move off the couch. I was so busy today that I barely had time to take my vitamins, never mind open my lunch box. I'm probably dehydrated, and I can't quite see straight. However, I do have a giant wad of cash and a few credit cards to call in. One of these days I'll do a cost/benefit analysis of a card reader...

I printed out paperwork and all, but I left it, along with my medical Spanish book, on my desk at home! Crap! But apparently I can rock out on some dates. No trabajo el 4 de julio. :)

I hate when my waiting room is occupied for too long, but you know, if they're just going to talk about how great I am, I guess that's not too bad. :)

New Goal

Jun. 16th, 2009 02:53 pm
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Chocolate cake!
Originally uploaded by LauraLAC
This will require finding the charger for my camera battery, which has been on my to-do list for the past month. I want to get good enough to get tastespotted. I have a bookmark folder that perhaps should grow to become a blog, "Cooking with B."

Sunday (Cupcake Daycamp) would have made a good inaugural entry. But like I have the time/discipline to keep up with such things.
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I keep forgetting that there are no universal solutions, so I'm trying not to be that jerk who says, "Just run it off," when it comes to emotional imbalances. The final stages of my cure pretty much coincided with a gym membership, and I can and can't believe it was really that simple. Granted, I used to swim pretty much every day after school, and everybody still hated me, and my outlook reflected such.

Incidentally, I haven't been running in weeks. It's just too hot. I have no energy. I'm getting grouchy. But I am about to finish week 5 of 200 situps and squats, and I am one day away from the weight goal I set for myself before I could start buying shoes again. Now that of the usual suspects everything cute is out of stock in my size.

I'm actually unsubscribing to a bunch of stuff instead of deleting repetitively. Sales are great, but how often will there be a sale on something I really want/need? As I opened the World Market email to get to the unsubscribe link, though, I paused on the hammock. Want. Except I have no outside lounge area, and there is no space in my apartment to set it up (though I think that could be kind of neat; in a living room this sunny, there should totally be some patio furniture and fake grass like the last time I was in the Cantoni showroom). UGH! I do not have $99 to spend on a hammock that will snowball into redoing my living room! Unsubscribe! Delete!

I set my alarm too early, but there is something about having the time to take care of everything that needs to be taken care of (happiness is an unloaded dishwasher) and still have some time to reflect. However, I need to figure out how to format receipts in this stupid program and get in the shower in the next 10 minutes.

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Livejournal is reachable. Facebook and my billing program are not. *sigh* One of these days I am going to be up-to-date on my charting, but it seems, not today. And I have people tomorrow that are going to want printed invoices.
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Wonder if the laundry guy is still going to pick up my sheets. He never shows before noon, so I am home now. Forecast shows it getting dreadfully hot today. We'd rescheduled twice, so I did my morning appointment by candle light. My patient was a good sport and fell asleep to the storm sounds. Which is good, since the other office's patients were quite loud at seeing it closed. I seriously can't believe I drove through that crap. There are too many damn trees between me and the office. Which normally isn't an issue, but the branches felt like they were inches away. Dini is glad I'm home.
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And it is just adorable how Dini follows me to bed when I take my computer there. I'm on the couch right now, and he is in the corner in his box. But if I were to work in bed, he would follow me. >^_^<
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This is just crazy awesome.


Jun. 9th, 2009 01:04 pm
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So, I'm running late, hair still wet from shower, clothes in dire need of lint-brushing, and I ask the universe, "Please please please let everyone be late today." The universe listened. Goddammit. But as is wont to do, made it so everyone was late, but not uniformly late, which screwed me. At least my hair was dry by the time my 10:00 showed up. Then I got an impromptu "Yeah, I can see you in about 20 min" WAY underestimating the talk time on my 10:00. So that was one person waiting.

As an aside, I really don't know why hispanic people keep seeing me when I don't try to hide when I have no idea what they are talking about. Power of the white coat? Though I don't even wear it anymore. Too hot, and too hard to keep clean. If I REALLY feel like pockets, maybe.

Anyway. Then my 11:00 shows up around 11:20 and has to wait. And takes a while to sort out. My 11:30 shows up at 11:45, and it is noon before I have her paperwork printed off, much less her to fill out. I assured everyone (each of whom assured me "I'm never late like this") that I'm usually a lot more attentive and less rushed. But nobody seemed to actively dislike me or the treatments, so I think it's all good?

I had 4 people share my sigh of relief at not having to throw them all out and go to the courthouse. Seriously, jury duty should have a voluntary option when you just don't have anything better to do but get it out of the way.

Now I have an epic assload of charting to catch up on. But first, the grocery store. No, lunch. Then grocery and the bank.
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I should have posted this as soon as I knew, but there will be a couple of music acts (Austin Brown and the Sound, and the DSO) playing in the park around the corner from my apartment tomorrow. AB goes on at 6, the DSO goes on at 8. It'll be inside the rec center if it rains ( currently shows a 30% chance). B and I are probably going to get a pizza. Bring me some bug spray?
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It is so hot, and it's not really hot yet. B observed, "We've got like, 20 more degrees to go, and it's already hot!"

My apartment building is set up so everyone has a corner apartment. There is a front door and a back door to the building, and the apartments open into the hallway, which has lights, but no a/c. Sometimes, particularly at night, it is hotter in the hallway than it is outside, which doesn't seem good for my electric bill. It seems to be quite pleasant at night, temperature-wise, and I just set up a cross-breeze with open windows. (Which is going to cause doors to slam and annoy the crap out of my downstairs neighbor, but it's just too hot.)

I would do a science experiment, but I don't have extra thermometers, and I'm lazy. So, the question I pose is this: During the day time, hallway windows open or not?

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You know how I was bitching the other day that I just ordered needles and found a cheaper supplier with lower free shipping minimums? I ordered 13 boxes of generic Peace needles from this supplier, and they were out of stock. So they gave me the next higher grade, Mac, for the same price. Yippie! It's like ordering bic stics (not that I go that low, I have some standards, after all) and getting fine point gel rollers. Not Mont Blanc or anything, but a quality instrument. It is always more pleasant to work with a quality instrument. Now, if they would package Macs like they do Peace (the label with the gage and expiration date is on the WRONG side of the box to stack them in my caddy how I like), that would be perfect!

I have been busy, but my calendar for June looks a little slim. Maybe I won't miss that much money for jury duty. Anyway, I am trying to keep on keeping on, because I gots to make the money while the making's good. A break is coming, and when it does, I won't bitch about loss of income, I'll just take it. But for now, I keep getting calls when I think I have a lazy day. That's actually good.

My living room and bathroom aren't horrific. I need to organize my kitchen again. Perhaps it is worth patching up as a part of move-out to put some racks up or something. (My landlord didn't make me pay a pet deposit, I suspect he'll be pretty cool about replacing my carpet after 3 years, but you leave a hole in his precious walls, and you pay for it.) I just started hanging stuff on the walls this year; before it was just a clock, a mirror, and a knife strip. And my living room is clean because I took all the crap off the couch and the desk and put it on my bed. So there is still some cleaning to be done.

And research, because I am getting the hard cases lately. But first, dinner with friends.
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Sometimes I am a little extreme for B. I am all about not wasting food. T left a couple of bananas in our kitchen at work, and she's out of town this week. Those bananas are done. I intend to take them home and throw them in the breadmaker with flour and nuts and stuff tonight. Even though they're not mine, might as well use them. They'll be liquid by the time T is back in the office, and I'll bring her some bread. If it's not stale. B is squicked out by past-due bananas and not food-savvy enough to understand that if they're not rotten, you bake with them. And amused that I'll steal food that would otherwise become trash. So, we'll see. He is good about at least trying things, except raisins, which are evil in any format.

On the menu tonight is chicken satay and spinach salad. Homemade, cremeless oreos for dessert, because he's been craving them and I found a recipe.

I'd forgotten how exhausting it is to work a real day. And how impossible it is to catch up on your own shit. At least I have a dishwasher again.

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