Mar. 10th, 2009

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Hey, kids, it's RECPTA night again already! Nope, no kids of my own, but as a contributing business owner, I get an invitation every year. This year, it's a casino night in the Old Red Museum downtown.

[ profile] mw and[ profile] modernirishman have accompanied me in past years; they can at least say the food is always good. I just notified B that we're getting fancy in a few Fridays; if the band books a gig, I'm kicking somebody's ass. This year we have sponsors Dream Cafe, Cafe Madrid, Bolsa, and Kavala, for a few. I  need to pretty up a gift certificate for the auction; there will also be "the bopping big band sounds of the Glen Dorsey Band." I have not played a hand of cards since the night I won my wedding dress, and while I certainly don't expect to ever have such a lucky night, it's at least tax deductible (pretty sure).

Friday April 3, 7-11, cocktail attire, $27 per person including parking before April 1, $35 at the door. $50 minimum pre-sale, but you get twice as many chips if you buy in advance. Otherwise it'll be by $10 increments at the door.

So if you want to get pretty and party with the PTA (and trust me when I say Cliffie parents are the coolest kind around as a group), let me know. If there's an overwhelming demand (I know I'm not that popular, but this does sound like a fun event) I'll ask the coordinator about the parking situation--if it's per ticket or per invite.


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