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Subject line totally stolen from Ruth Reichl's book. Brian had a foul day at work, so I said he should come over for dinner. I had in mind chicken and apples; upon googling, I found it is a Southern recipe on I tweaked it a little.

I tend to toast my rice unless it's actually for Korean food; pulls some of the carbs off and gives it a little deeper flavor. So, in a skillet, dry, stirring frequently, heat 1 cup of rice until it takes on color. Cook in the cooker as usual.

Melt 1.5T butter. Shake in about 6 good shakes of dried thyme. Recipe said 1/2t, iirc, but my container doesn't let things go easily. Saute 1/2 onion, 1 large apple (I used a honeycrisp), and about a rib and a half of celery (I used 3, but they were the dregs). Remove them from the pan and set aside. In the pan, brown chicken (I used a package of 6 thighs, we ate well, and there was some left over) on both sides. Then add a small splash (maybe 1T) of cider vinegar and a large splash (nearly a cup) of apple juice. Cook until chicken is done, then remove chicken from pan. Thicken juice with 1T cornstarch and add salt and pepper to taste. Add apples and veggies back to pan.

Plating: serve this with a bit of color; I used broccoli, nuked about 90 seconds, just long enough to develop the color. Rice first, then chicken, sauce on top. Looks atrociously beige, which is why you need some color.

Butter and herbs and onions make everything awesome, so this was really quite good. I did cherry tartlets in gingerbread crust for dessert, but I really like flaky pie crust better than gingerbread. And I still have a big wad of gingerbread dough in the freezer. It's too soft to make a house.

I quail at having a standing 8am Tuesday, but beggars can't be choosers. Goodnight, internets!


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