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I finally got around to cleaning my iron last night, and it seemed a shame to waste the steam. I set it on my stove and moved it around so it wouldn't auto-shutoff. The burners were clean enough, but the steam nicely softened the stuff on the rest of the stove top and drip pans so they wiped off easily.

I'm having a real, leisurely breakfast, and I still have to go to work in a little bit. Here's how. Last night, I measured out 3/4c water into my hot shot. 1/2c steel cut oats went into a frying pan. 3c of liquid in the fridge. I wouldn't recommend doing more than 1c of milk in there; it gets too rich. If you're feeling ambitious, a little bit of butter in the pan, and cover it so it doesn't attract nasties. In the morning, one button heats the water in the hot shot; in those 60 seconds can pour a bit of eggnog (best. coffee creamer. ever.) into a mug and measure out coffee into the filter. (I have a drip cone that sits on top of my cup, since I so rarely drink coffee at home.)

If you used butter, turn the heat on and toast your oats until they turn golden, stirring often. If not, just dump the liquid into the pan and bring it to a gentle simmer. Go take a shower. Probably best to check on it at 15-20 minutes, because it sets up a LOT in the bowl; you want it a bit runny. More or less by the time you've gotten dressed, you'll have breakfast. Stir it up, put it in a bowl.

Pretend you're on the Nebuchadnezzar.


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