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Into pyrex bowl and cover: 2 paddles of brown rice, 4 spoonfuls of Ranch Style black beans, 1/3 mango, 1/3 avocado, 4 spoonfuls salsa, 2 slices of cheese, further cut up, large spoonful of plain yogurt

If I'd been awake enough to think it through: put yogurt, avocado, and mango into a separate container so they won't have to be nuked along with the rest of it when I heat it up for lunch

Will probably need: salt. Though canned tomato products always are oversalted, so maybe not.
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I tried. For a while, I was using myspace as a recipe dump. I tried the recipeBinder app on facebook. I joined foodbuzz. But if I can't even be bothered to post in livejournal (where I have stated more than once that if I blog about what I had for dinner instead of drama, I'm having a pretty good life), how can I be expected to log my recipes on a specialized spot?

So. What have I not documented lately? I did carnitas out of an epicurious recipe, but I've found this to be superior. I can take 2lbs of ribs straight from the freezer into the crockpot. After it's done cooking, I put the juice into a coffeecup, refrigerate for a couple hours, and the solidified fat skims off easily. Was not playing Rimsky-Korsakov while making Mollie Katzen's Scheherazade casserole (sorry, Rachelle), but thinking up 1001 stories to tell my boss on why she shouldn't kill me for losing my keys. And then I found them. Roasted a turkey breast that had been sitting in my freezer for a while (99 cents per pound, iirc). Will be eating some of that with mashed potatoes and gravy-from-the-bag tonight. The rest is going back into the freezer with stock, and will eventually turn into a pot pie. Skewers make chicken lots more fun to eat, and dipping sauce is sooo easy, just mix together cider vinegar and peanut butter.

I think I've baked something recently, but I can't think of what. I'm trying to use my toaster oven more; if I really want cookies, I have to make them. I'll divide a recipe so I can make something like 6-8 cookies at a time. This has not particularly helped me lose weight, but I haven't gained much since it started bothering me.

So. Not much drama, and aside from Sunday breakfast, nothing too interesting in the kitchen either. Can't complain. I did 70 pushups yesterday and am going to do some cardio today. I have these annoying 90 minute breaks in my schedule. Except that assumes I finish a new patient in 60, which never happens.
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Stale tortillas are crazy awesome when toasted. Reminiscent of pappadums, or however your Indian place spells the crackers.

If you have an excess of carrots, they make great oven fries. Cut to appropriate width, drizzle with oil, salt, pepper, single layer on a baking sheet, 20-25 min at 400F.

I really need to do something about this magical ability to snack constantly when I haven't been grocery shopping in 2 weeks. I just can't even deal with looking at the scale. However, I start week 6 tomorrow, and I did manage to do 2 solid cardio sessions last week.
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Subject line totally stolen from Ruth Reichl's book. Brian had a foul day at work, so I said he should come over for dinner. I had in mind chicken and apples; upon googling, I found it is a Southern recipe on I tweaked it a little.

I tend to toast my rice unless it's actually for Korean food; pulls some of the carbs off and gives it a little deeper flavor. So, in a skillet, dry, stirring frequently, heat 1 cup of rice until it takes on color. Cook in the cooker as usual.

Melt 1.5T butter. Shake in about 6 good shakes of dried thyme. Recipe said 1/2t, iirc, but my container doesn't let things go easily. Saute 1/2 onion, 1 large apple (I used a honeycrisp), and about a rib and a half of celery (I used 3, but they were the dregs). Remove them from the pan and set aside. In the pan, brown chicken (I used a package of 6 thighs, we ate well, and there was some left over) on both sides. Then add a small splash (maybe 1T) of cider vinegar and a large splash (nearly a cup) of apple juice. Cook until chicken is done, then remove chicken from pan. Thicken juice with 1T cornstarch and add salt and pepper to taste. Add apples and veggies back to pan.

Plating: serve this with a bit of color; I used broccoli, nuked about 90 seconds, just long enough to develop the color. Rice first, then chicken, sauce on top. Looks atrociously beige, which is why you need some color.

Butter and herbs and onions make everything awesome, so this was really quite good. I did cherry tartlets in gingerbread crust for dessert, but I really like flaky pie crust better than gingerbread. And I still have a big wad of gingerbread dough in the freezer. It's too soft to make a house.

I quail at having a standing 8am Tuesday, but beggars can't be choosers. Goodnight, internets!
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It has come to my attention that some of you think you can't cook. Being able to feed yourself is something I consider a vital skill for any adult. When you cook for yourself, you are in so much more control of what goes in your body. And it's hella cheaper, and who can't use more money? So here's an easy one.

Soup is incredibly forgiving, and you can always correct it at the end. Hell, even the most perfect Pho cannot escape my ritual of hoisin and sriracha. (One of my food bloggers has proclaimed that she will eat anything if it is smothered in hot cock. This entertains me more than it should.) I forget what I was going to have for dinner tonight, but soup is easy, and there seems to be a cold going around. So here's what I did:

(It is cheaper and a bit tastier to plonk a whole chicken into the pot, but then you have to degrease your broth and deal with the carcass. I went with the giant bag of frozen chicken instead. Also, dried onion flakes are incredibly convenient. If you go with fresh, saute them before you do anything! Onions do not boil well; they take surprisingly forever compared to potatoes and other root vegetables!) Into the pot went 2/3 of a box of sliced mushrooms, a baking potato-peeled and cut into chunks, 2 turnips-also peeled and cut up, half? 2/3? oh hell, a whole bag of baby carrots, a bunch of frozen chicken, some pepper, some oregano, every last clove of garlic in my fridge (not that much), a few shakes of garlic powder and onion flakes, and a bay leaf, because I was feeling random. Almost cover with water. Put the lid on, set on the stove on med-low, go to the gym. Return an hour later to soup!

But it's not quite soup. I had to adjust for saltiness, using kosher salt (because that's what I have) and a bit of dashida (Korean stock powder. This is mostly msg. If that bugs you, use broth instead of half the water.) and if you're particular about presentation (usually I am, but after the gym I was just hungry), you can add a can of tomatoes and some frozen peas for more color. Oh, and you can use kitchen shears to cut your chicken into manageable bits if it hasn't fallen apart.

Seeing as the boneless skinless chicken gives no schmaltz, there still needed some seasoning. After I served myself a bowl, I topped it with a little drizzle of olive oil, a bit of soy sauce, and sriracha. I left the pot needing some condiment, because I am a fan of condiments. I might want sesame oil instead of olive next time. Or cream. I might be feeling hot and sour-ish and use cider vinegar with the sriracha. Someone might come over that is not as in love with pepper as I am. You get the gist.

Seriously, anyone can cook. Cooking is taking food and making it better. If you have it in you to taste something and go, "This could use a little salt," instead of "Gah, this sucks," you can learn to cook.
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Chop 1/2 head of red cabbage. Wok (you need some room, so an actual wok is best) fry in (all approximations) 1T sesame oil, 1T soy sauce, 1 1/2 t apple cider vinegar, 2 dashes tabasco, 1t sugar, few grinds of pepper. Stir until cabbage is broken up. Keep cooking until the big chunks are as tender as you want them.


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