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The days and nights of acugirl

eight metal swords

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Birthdate:Aug 6
Location:Dallas, Texas, United States of America
The character for my last name depicts metal and 4 pairs of swords. Talk to me about an appointment if you need or are curious about acupuncture.

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acupuncture, anthony bourdain, bacon, balance, bean sprouts, bellydancing, blankets, bleach, blue rodeo, bodywork, brak, breakfast, bring it on, britpop, bruxism, candlelit baths, ceramics, chris isaak, cider, cilantro, clean sheets, crafts, cynthia heimel, daria, david mack, duran duran, ethics, etymology, farscape, flax, foodtv, four rooms, fresh pineapple, fullmetal alchemist, gardening, garlic, gazpacho, genndy tartakovsky, good eats, good people, grammar, gravy, grease, growth, guadalcanal diary, hacks, healing, hearts of palm, hedwig, honesty, intentional communities, iron chef, j. d. salinger, japanese incense, jello biafra, jon stewart, jwz, kinky friedman for governor, knitting, komart, law & order, lip balm, living simply, looking for my keys, magic shell, making people feel better, margaret cho, mc 900 ft jesus, miso, musicals, my cup of tea, naruto, neil gaiman, new toothbrushes, olives, oranges and lemons, p5, pain relief, pajamas, panna cotta, pentagram, positive attention, pro-choice, prosciutto, public libraries, quality, radishes, robyn hitchcock, salt, sashimi, sassy, sci-fi, sharp knives, show tunes, snarkiness, sociology, softness, solar cooking, soup, sour things, space ghost, spalding gray, sriracha, stephen trask, strangers in paradise, strictly ballroom, sunblock, target, telemann, texture, the colbert report, the nightmare before christmas, the sound of water, thomas barnett, tom stoppard, trash can sinatras, trogdor the burninator, truman capote, validation, values, veronica mars, warm towels, wax, wellness, whoop dee shit, wildboyz, wine, zorak
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