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2010-02-14 12:41 pm

I'm sorry, but I call bullshit on Corinthians.

Love is not a cliche bible passage to be read at your wedding by your best friend from second grade. Love is not a pushover. Love is not dispassionate. Love tries, sometimes it succeeds, and generally, it's worth it. Sometimes it fails and does not persevere. Doesn't mean it never was. The truth is necessary for love, and sometimes the truth is a messy, ugly thing that is not something in which to rejoice, but something to acknowledge and process. Love is in the middle of Maslow, not the foundation, not the high point. Love doesn't keep a balance sheet, but if it is too far out of balance, it suffers.

I am picturing Corinthians as a personals ad rant list of how not to be like someone's crazy ex. Love is this, not that, and it's also not a drunk, emo slut who criticizes my clothes and is a backseat driver!

I guess it's not that I don't find these worthy qualities to which we can aspire. But it's too easy to read and think about rainbows and unicorns, when actually, love is not inherently any of those things. If that's what love is, love doesn't exist except in fairy tales, and how sad is that? Love strengthens us, and we all need it. But it is not unconditional. I find a silly simile more palatable than the classic quotation. Love is like my car. (Yes, bicycle-philes, because while I like fair weather cycling more than driving, my car is cooler than my bike. Not the point I'm trying to make right now.) It's totally awesome and generally dependable, but it requires regular maintenance.
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2009-09-04 02:00 pm

Compassion fail

Yes, I participated in the viral facebook status. I was late on the bandwagon, because I was expecting snark, and I got it. And I love Mathew's contribution: "No one should die because they cannot afford health care. No one should go broke because they get sick. No one should negotiate their dreams. No one should watch Fox News. No one should wrestle with a pig; you get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it. No one should get out of the boat, unless they are going all the way. No one should have to see Winnie the Pooh executed by a firing squad. No one should ever have left the oceans. No one should do card tricks that reflect off their big bald head. No one should take a knife to a gun fight. No one should post this as their status for the rest of the day."

The viral part was the first two sentences, and while I find chain forwards and their ilk distasteful, I find it appalling that people make a point to jump in and disagree. True, this was generated in a time when the politics of healthcare are in the spotlight, but think about it for a second. No, healthcare isn't mentioned in the constitution. Yes, it's an enormously screwed up system. (I know; I represent two parts of the insurance-consumer-provider triad.) No, a stupid status update probably doesn't do anything towards real change. But if your knee jerk reaction to those two sentences was "why should I have to pay a cent for that?" Then I really feel sorry for you.
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2009-09-02 11:44 am

Merchant Services green fail

If I am understanding correctly, I am getting charged $10/mo to supress paper statements. Which is a sheet of paper and a window envelope every time I do a batch of credit card transactions, which tends to be at least 5 times a week. I am getting sick of keeping up with the paper, so I am paying it, but this is not encouragement to sign up on line. I can get web access to my banking data for free. This is a fee strictly for not sending me junk mail, and I think that sucks.
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2009-08-29 12:32 am

(no subject)

I'm not at all sure how they figure a funnel would be better for the margaritas, but mine had to stay dry for the waffle mix. I have party waffles down to a science--wet ingredients in an empty soda bottle, dry ones in a baggie to be poured into the wet and shaken. That way there are no utensils needed and no bowls to take home.

Kyro had requested "a scoop spoon thing," and I have 3 ladles. I gave him the plastic one. This is a reminder to myself that I said he could have it. I do need to get my waffle iron and movies back at some point, though.

So, social thing accomplished for this weekend, B's out of town, and I am going to try really hard to go on a HIMYM fast. Or at least use it strictly as a reward system for getting stuff done. I have to go to bed now. I hope the new people I have tomorrow morning aren't terribly difficult.

P.S. Because you know I have to post my recipes )
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2009-08-28 11:10 am

nom nom nom

I made it relatively unscathed through bike rides and outdoor parties, and an evening at Kalachandji's totally did me in. (Somehow an evening at Kalachandji's always does me in. Perhaps my blood is tastier than that of an average Krishna.) But it's not as awful as it could be, and I had a lovely time catching up with Xtina. My lunch break isn't as long as I think it is, so I need to get a move on.
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2009-08-26 06:30 pm

In the spirit of Wednesday, flickr people just don't know how to tag.

Huh. It took me 3 weeks to remove the "baking" tag on my pasta-making pic. I did correct the "fluor" tag that day, though.
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2009-08-24 06:34 pm

How I roll

On a blue Schwinn in sneaks, scrub bottoms, and a tank top, scrub top put on at work after patting myself down with damp paper towels. It's a no-car day today. I am also totally exhausted from staying up too late last night, so hopefully I get some shut-eye early tonight! Will have to get a netbook or something before I make biking to the office a regular occurrence, though.
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2009-08-18 10:06 am
Entry tags:

I like when I can wake up on time, part 2

Into pyrex bowl and cover: 2 paddles of brown rice, 4 spoonfuls of Ranch Style black beans, 1/3 mango, 1/3 avocado, 4 spoonfuls salsa, 2 slices of cheese, further cut up, large spoonful of plain yogurt

If I'd been awake enough to think it through: put yogurt, avocado, and mango into a separate container so they won't have to be nuked along with the rest of it when I heat it up for lunch

Will probably need: salt. Though canned tomato products always are oversalted, so maybe not.
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2009-08-14 09:58 pm

(no subject)

Hooray, had a nice dinner and conversation. I am so stuffed with Enos Pizza right now.
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2009-08-13 02:04 pm

Summer produce!

Yeah, it's not local, and the soy sprouts are almost certainly GMO, but mangoes for 50 cents? Cheap cherries mean squishy cherries, but at a dollar per pound, I had an acceptable bit of spoilage. The young coconut was all water and no meat. So now. What to do with 8 mangoes and 2.5 (after spoilage and eating) lbs of cherries?
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2009-08-05 10:13 am

I like when I can wake up on time.

I like less when I am early for an appointment and the patient is only slightly less early. But I had enough time this morning to put on a pot of jasmine rice and put together a curry in my cast iron skillet. Little dab of butter, potato, garlic, scallions for lack of regular onion, can of chickpeas rinsed and drained, big hunk of leftover parsley. Generous shakes of garam masala, little cumin, little less turmeric. It looks and smells nice. We'll see how it does for lunch. Will probably require salt. Hope we have a few packets lying around the office.

I suppose I could have packed a more socially optimal lunch than curry, but it's what I had usable lying around. Had to pack lunch or consider delivery. Wednesdays I am STUCK at the office, because I can never tell if my laundry is going to be delivered at noon, three, or five. Lately three-ish.
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2009-08-02 10:48 pm

for future reference:

My body completely metabolizes a Zyrtec in about 38 hours.
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2009-07-28 04:39 pm

Too ranty?

For my next work blog, please proofread for me, lazyweb.

fear )
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2009-07-26 05:03 pm

(no subject)

Reminder to Dallas people: recycling roundup is August 29th. Dead batteries, electronics, styrofoam packing, and other crap that doesn't go in the blue bins. The flyer doesn't seem to be loading for me yet, but when it does, more details here.
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2009-07-21 10:55 pm

Sorry, food blogger, but I lost the bookmark and can't credit you.

I'll put it in haiku, instead!

Choc'late chip cookies
Rice Krispys instead of nuts
Holy cow, that's good!
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2009-07-21 06:07 pm

One of those realizations

Dear Doctors and office staff with whom I share a building,

I'm sorry I haven't taken the time to learn your names in the last two years. That makes me feel like a real douche, especially when I am greeted by name in the hall. In fairness, though, I've had weird hours (and so do you, sometimes!), and my name's on my door. But that does not excuse my social anxiety and general not-niceness. Feel free to drop by and say hi whether I have one of your UPS packages or not.

Warm regards,
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2009-07-15 09:19 am

Dear Fedex guy,

Yes, I'm aware that my building is locked. Yes, it's totally unfair that the USPS is the only ones who get access who don't live or work here. And yes, I do have employment, which sometimes tends to keep me away from home during business hours.

I appreciate your call. I do not appreciate your war-dial (hanging up and calling back three times is not likely to make me answer the phone, particularly if I'm with a patient) or your angry voicemail. I know; it's hot and your job sucks. However, write the little door tag (which you did, for attempt #2, and only called once that day, thank you), and I'll probably pick it up from the holding location in a couple of days.

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2009-07-14 10:22 am

I'm about to whip somebody's ass...

Dear Budget Yellow Pages,

I certainly hope you don't intend to bill me for renewal for 2009-10. I just checked my bank records, and I made a payment for this year's directory in October of last year, so I don't think that I should have anticipated you going to print in JULY. Just because my contact is no longer a salesperson for you, doesn't mean that due diligence for renewal is to LEAVE A COPY OF THE NEW DIRECTORY in front of my office. Given that your hundreds of dollars worth of ad managed to net me exactly zero, I wasn't planning on renewing.

I do recall that at least one attorney was quite pleased with my services. I imagine that if I receive a bill you shall be hearing from a representative.


P.S. T says that it was just dropped off as a copy by a rep since I had an ad in the book. So maybe you're not seeking money yet, but you are so not going to get it this year!
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2009-07-10 02:19 pm

Public Service Announcement: renter's insurance is cheap.

Although I'm not sure it would have helped my stylist, since the big deal was something leased, not owned, for work.

If you go see my awesome stylist in my awesome neighborhood and tip nicely, I'll feel less bad for paying for my haircut with a charity gift certificate today. (I still tipped.)

It wasn't around here, actually, it was in Arlington (for those of you who insist I live in the ghetto) that someone smashed his window and jacked his bag, including his scissors (he's been loaned some stuff from friends and colleagues, enough to work) and his wireless credit card machine (pay cash, please). You know, the thing I've been loathe to get because it costs so much? Yeah.

E can work evenings and Saturdays (generally earlier, since he puts in hours at MAC, too). He's a really nice guy and does great work. Yes, he does charge accordingly; this ain't SuperCuts. (But it isn't Frederick Fekkai, either. I actually like E better than the dude I used to go to at FF.) But I have never left Sweet200 feeling shellacked, and he knows how lazy I am, so I never get that "It doesn't look right unless a stylist takes half an hour to blow it out." And they have a pool table!

And even if you don't get E to fix your hair, if you don't have renter's/homeowner's coverage, and you own anything you care about, get it. It's usually less than $140 for a whole year. I had my apartment burn; you really never know when you might need it, and it generally covers theft of property outside the home.