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Yes, I participated in the viral facebook status. I was late on the bandwagon, because I was expecting snark, and I got it. And I love Mathew's contribution: "No one should die because they cannot afford health care. No one should go broke because they get sick. No one should negotiate their dreams. No one should watch Fox News. No one should wrestle with a pig; you get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it. No one should get out of the boat, unless they are going all the way. No one should have to see Winnie the Pooh executed by a firing squad. No one should ever have left the oceans. No one should do card tricks that reflect off their big bald head. No one should take a knife to a gun fight. No one should post this as their status for the rest of the day."

The viral part was the first two sentences, and while I find chain forwards and their ilk distasteful, I find it appalling that people make a point to jump in and disagree. True, this was generated in a time when the politics of healthcare are in the spotlight, but think about it for a second. No, healthcare isn't mentioned in the constitution. Yes, it's an enormously screwed up system. (I know; I represent two parts of the insurance-consumer-provider triad.) No, a stupid status update probably doesn't do anything towards real change. But if your knee jerk reaction to those two sentences was "why should I have to pay a cent for that?" Then I really feel sorry for you.
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