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Although I'm not sure it would have helped my stylist, since the big deal was something leased, not owned, for work.

If you go see my awesome stylist in my awesome neighborhood and tip nicely, I'll feel less bad for paying for my haircut with a charity gift certificate today. (I still tipped.)

It wasn't around here, actually, it was in Arlington (for those of you who insist I live in the ghetto) that someone smashed his window and jacked his bag, including his scissors (he's been loaned some stuff from friends and colleagues, enough to work) and his wireless credit card machine (pay cash, please). You know, the thing I've been loathe to get because it costs so much? Yeah.

E can work evenings and Saturdays (generally earlier, since he puts in hours at MAC, too). He's a really nice guy and does great work. Yes, he does charge accordingly; this ain't SuperCuts. (But it isn't Frederick Fekkai, either. I actually like E better than the dude I used to go to at FF.) But I have never left Sweet200 feeling shellacked, and he knows how lazy I am, so I never get that "It doesn't look right unless a stylist takes half an hour to blow it out." And they have a pool table!

And even if you don't get E to fix your hair, if you don't have renter's/homeowner's coverage, and you own anything you care about, get it. It's usually less than $140 for a whole year. I had my apartment burn; you really never know when you might need it, and it generally covers theft of property outside the home.
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