May. 27th, 2009

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You know how I was bitching the other day that I just ordered needles and found a cheaper supplier with lower free shipping minimums? I ordered 13 boxes of generic Peace needles from this supplier, and they were out of stock. So they gave me the next higher grade, Mac, for the same price. Yippie! It's like ordering bic stics (not that I go that low, I have some standards, after all) and getting fine point gel rollers. Not Mont Blanc or anything, but a quality instrument. It is always more pleasant to work with a quality instrument. Now, if they would package Macs like they do Peace (the label with the gage and expiration date is on the WRONG side of the box to stack them in my caddy how I like), that would be perfect!

I have been busy, but my calendar for June looks a little slim. Maybe I won't miss that much money for jury duty. Anyway, I am trying to keep on keeping on, because I gots to make the money while the making's good. A break is coming, and when it does, I won't bitch about loss of income, I'll just take it. But for now, I keep getting calls when I think I have a lazy day. That's actually good.

My living room and bathroom aren't horrific. I need to organize my kitchen again. Perhaps it is worth patching up as a part of move-out to put some racks up or something. (My landlord didn't make me pay a pet deposit, I suspect he'll be pretty cool about replacing my carpet after 3 years, but you leave a hole in his precious walls, and you pay for it.) I just started hanging stuff on the walls this year; before it was just a clock, a mirror, and a knife strip. And my living room is clean because I took all the crap off the couch and the desk and put it on my bed. So there is still some cleaning to be done.

And research, because I am getting the hard cases lately. But first, dinner with friends.


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