May. 3rd, 2009

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I think I'll make that my facebook status and leave it up for a day. Done. Tee hee. It really is amazing what can become the object of a bidding war at a silent auction.

I won a very cheap haircut from my regular stylist and a pound of gravlax. Erica and Brian won a discount on drycleaning, a haircut, and a visit to prison. The sheriff is a neighbor, and her contribution to the auction was a guided tour. My treatment went for a reasonably modest discount.

So, there will be brunch and there will be jail! Probably not on the same day, as brunch is more fun when you can get tipsy, though there would be some irony in being drunk, in jail, and not under arrest.

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With all this talk of music going on my fl, I realized since cleaning my closet, I don't know where my flute is. I found it, played a few bars of Chaminade's concerto and immediately got self conscious and put it away. I still sound okay, but I guess as I'm older I'm more aware of disturbing my neighbors? I used to share a wall with the conductor of the Pops, who iirc was married to the principle violinist in the BSO. I gave not a shit about practicing my lungs out for hours in a day back then.

Also in cleaning my room, I took my guitar out of the case for the first time since Halloween. It lives a precarious life on a stand between my closet and my bed. I think B's played it more than I have.

*pout* I want to get my music on, too!

My gastrocs are KILLING me*, but I slathered on some Biofreeze and walked to the 1st Sunday farmers' market at Bolsa. I'm totally buying fresh eggs next month. What to do with Quality eggs? Hmm. Decisions, decisions. I'm poor, so I buy cheapass eggs and leave them in the fridge for weeks. But since there is going to be a farm stand within walking distance, I can support that. I know I've come across a recipe or two that I decided not to make, since they talked up having FRESH eggs. Also, a local chocolatier brands herself as Dude! Sweet!, which amuses me greatly.

*Things that make my calves hurt, an incomplete list: The stairs at my sister's house, since the guest room is on the 3rd floor. Being too lazy to go to the gym, being out of shape and trying to jump rope for 8 minutes.


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