Apr. 20th, 2009

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I got a return at rehab and encouraged the group to see me next week. They liked me. In a generally good mood picking up my reserve at the library and grocery shopping. Depositing money helps (yay income!), along with getting the process going for FREE insurance e-billing. Still not sure it's the road I want to be going down, but Options Are Good.

Impulse-bought a tri-tip roast, (crazy sale and not sketchy looking? been a while since I ate red meat, so hey!) but otherwise stayed reasonably close to my grocery list. It was labeled "tri tip loin," so I expected it to be more tender than it was. It had a fat cap, which I removed. The articles said that it's sort of rare to see them anyhow. Searched the internets for what exactly sort of cut I got and called Mom to get her flank steak recipe. She does diamond-cuts about 2 mm deep. One of the recipes I saw said if you don't have a [hole punchy gadget thingy] to "take a fork and go apeshit on it." This seemed cosmetically inferior, but mechanically more efficient.

So, I took a fork and punched a whole bunch of holes, all the way through, from both sides. Then, per Mom's instructions and Alton Brown's propensity to marinate in plastic bags rather than in dishes, put in a ziploc: 1/4ish c slosh of oil, generous shake of black pepper, stingy handful of salt, generous squish from a plastic lime (in lieu of 1/2 a lemon's of juice), few cloves of minced garlic, and a big handful of chopped parsley. Squooshed around until the salt wasn't obvious. Added the roast, sealed, and kneaded until coated. Put in fridge and went to work for 3 hours, and a pretty decent 3 hours at that.

Come home, decompress, get call back from E, responding to my earlier text. Rather than wait for them to get home and borrow their grill, start the roast at 400F convection in the toaster oven. I think total it ended up being around 30 min? I took it out to flip and prod every 10 or so. At one point, the meat thermometer registered done, but that was bullshit. I almost overcompensated, but it ended up being perfect. Suspiciously red for B's tastes, but actually perfect, sliced perpendicular to the grain. He stirred the potatoes and eggplant while I fished big cubes out to cut down, since it was taking forever. Finally, we went across the street and had a fun dinner. They're Good People.TM And E's wine glasses are enormous! It has slowed my reaction time so it's taken me an hour to write this post!

Drinking LOTS of water and going to bed momentarily. Good night, internets!


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