Apr. 14th, 2009

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I tried. For a while, I was using myspace as a recipe dump. I tried the recipeBinder app on facebook. I joined foodbuzz. But if I can't even be bothered to post in livejournal (where I have stated more than once that if I blog about what I had for dinner instead of drama, I'm having a pretty good life), how can I be expected to log my recipes on a specialized spot?

So. What have I not documented lately? I did carnitas out of an epicurious recipe, but I've found this to be superior. I can take 2lbs of ribs straight from the freezer into the crockpot. After it's done cooking, I put the juice into a coffeecup, refrigerate for a couple hours, and the solidified fat skims off easily. Was not playing Rimsky-Korsakov while making Mollie Katzen's Scheherazade casserole (sorry, Rachelle), but thinking up 1001 stories to tell my boss on why she shouldn't kill me for losing my keys. And then I found them. Roasted a turkey breast that had been sitting in my freezer for a while (99 cents per pound, iirc). Will be eating some of that with mashed potatoes and gravy-from-the-bag tonight. The rest is going back into the freezer with stock, and will eventually turn into a pot pie. Skewers make chicken lots more fun to eat, and dipping sauce is sooo easy, just mix together cider vinegar and peanut butter.

I think I've baked something recently, but I can't think of what. I'm trying to use my toaster oven more; if I really want cookies, I have to make them. I'll divide a recipe so I can make something like 6-8 cookies at a time. This has not particularly helped me lose weight, but I haven't gained much since it started bothering me.

So. Not much drama, and aside from Sunday breakfast, nothing too interesting in the kitchen either. Can't complain. I did 70 pushups yesterday and am going to do some cardio today. I have these annoying 90 minute breaks in my schedule. Except that assumes I finish a new patient in 60, which never happens.


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