Mar. 26th, 2009

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I took a lot of phone calls on Monday. Worked a lot on Tuesday. Because people, you know, HAVE MANNERS sometimes. But the phone call to take the cake went something like this.

Caller: Can you give me a massage?
Acugirl: (Right, good afternoon to you, too, asshole.) I'm licensed in acupuncture, not massage, but I can give you the numbers of the two massage therapists in my office.
C: Ain't nobody in your office right now.
A: We all work by appointment only and set our own appointments, would you like T or L's cell number?
C: Sounds like you're trying really hard not to work on Monday.
A: (tightly) We work by appointment. So L's cell number is 214-xxx-xxxx, and T's is
C: That'll do. (hangs up)

Yeah. Because, you know, I'm trying REALLY HARD NOT TO WORK. I'd make a better living flipping burgers these days, but I'm trying so hard not to go to work. I can hardly pay my office bills, nevermind my own.

The insurance seminar was enlightening, at least from a networking standpoint. The practitioner I'd interviewed with for an admin/assistant job when I was still in school, who has been in practice 10+ years? Can't pay her bills, and she has built her practice on billing insurance. Her latest plan is to just walk away and couchsurf. The insurance companies are referring her absolutely zero these days, so it is not a good time to join a network.

Someone with good intentions had referred me to a craigslist post about a room for rent in Addison, that was about 8 times more than the rent I currently pay, with the suggestion that all I'd have to do is do cold calls with all the high rises and I'd be just swimming in dough. Because it's Just So Easy. My classmate, whose office is about a block from said craigslisting? Laughed about as much as I did.

I have made the lame walk and the blind see, and one of my migraine patients disappeared after a single treatment for a couple of years, to return for a basic relax treatment. Why hadn't I seen her since the one and only time? "Oh, you fixed it." But these are not the regular experience, and it really hurts the credibility of the profession and my own to market it as such. Acupuncture is not bullshit, nor is it a miracle. And I can't give it away these days.

Earth Hour

Mar. 26th, 2009 11:37 pm
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Saturday from 8:30-9:30pm of wherever you happen to be is Earth Hour. Nothing huge, just turn off the lights. The City of Dallas is officially participating, so you'll see the skyline go dark for an hour, if you're around the area. There will be various festivities going on. If I'm feeling swank, I may drag B to the Belmont, either patio or poolside. If I'm feeling cheap, I may just take a gander from outside my gym.


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