Feb. 10th, 2009

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Dear Lazyweb,

I'm fine, thanks for asking. I've decided to take it easy for another day, work a little bit this afternoon, but focus on resting and clearing up my cough and such.

Parking Lot Cat is not fine.

This is Parking Lot Cat, aka Parking Lot Kitty aka PLK. As you can see, he is very friendly and affectionate.

He's also quite a trooper. After freezing weather, he'll disappear for a few days and then run up and say hi like nothing's wrong. A few days ago, I noticed he had a wound on the top of his left back paw. And he ran up on 3 legs to say hi, just as sweet and friendly as ever. I fed him and tried to clean the wound. He actually let me put stuff on it. He curled up on the mat at the back door and seemed content to be outside in the freak warm weather. I vowed to help him when I had the time.

Well, Lazyweb, I have a couple of days off coming up. And PLK was very reluctant last night to let me touch or even see his paw. Instead of a single black spot, I saw a scabbed red gash. Usually he is all cuddly and sociable, like you see in the picture. Last night he didn't want to get off the hood of a neighbor's car, and when I tried to look at his foot, he ran under a car! He eventually let me pet him but did not let me rinse his foot.

So, you probably know I already have a cat. And you may remember that trying to adopt a stray kitten last summer was an epic fail, since my vet is pretty paranoid about false negatives in FeLV tests. I live in 550 square feet with NO way to separate two cats. I very much want to get PLK some care, but I am not going to expose my cat to a stray, nor am I going to take PLK to the vet and just dump him back outside. Parking Lot Kitty is totally adorable gimping across the parking lot on 3 legs. He'd be even cuter hobbling around inside someone's home under proper care and getting better. Imagine, PLK hopping across the room, so happy because you are home and he loves you so much! PLK loves everyone so much! I don't think that we could find a person who could give PLK half as much love as PLK gives. But can we pretty please try? Would anyone like the sweetest cat in the whole world in the next few days? I'll have time to take him to the vet by this weekend, and I'm almost certain he'll let me take him, if he's around.


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