Feb. 6th, 2009

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I don't think this is the flu, but just as an experiment. Because I got this same crud last year. Right about at this time, too. I remember it. The exact same thing. Being vaguely unimpressed with the viscosity-appropriateness of my respiratory mucosa, feeling absolutely fine, but a bit lazy and not being able to concentrate on anything. And I remember The German calling me and admonishing me to take a few days off. I killed my afternoon, and I only had one appointment to cancel tomorrow, anyway. I had fun plans, too, but the boyfriend says we're not going to do any of that. And I really wanted to see how my 2:00 is doing! And I really like the folks who are hosting neighborhood first Friday happy hour. Dammit.

I am drinking water out of an empty wine bottle, because my water glass smelled really off this morning. Dini has continued to pee in the bathtub, and I think he is pawing my water glasses now. And yes, I finished the wine before I filled it with water. Will make it easier to do nothing. PLK greeted me at the back door, but I was late for my morning work. I promised him food if he was there when I returned. Good thing he was nowhere to be found when I got home, because I really am going to take him to the vet next time I see him and have no appointments.

Plan: 1. Food 2. Book 3. Sleep

(edit) I haven't had a flu shot in over 10 years. I don't think I've had the flu in over 10 years. I do remember the shot making me feel ill, though.


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