Jan. 2nd, 2009

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It's nice I have my volunteer gig or I might never get back into working. My patient load is dismal. I should jump at whatever, but I noticed today that I really need to work on my sales pitch.

Because in today's economy, I need to convince the new agers that I am what they need. Without buying into their weirdo claims or saying anything that could get me sued. Today I took a call. Person talked at me for twenty minutes, detailing life story and asking how acupuncture detoxes. Now, for me, detox means diuretic, laxative, purgative, antipyretic, or diaphoretic. Which, to some extent, I can do with needles. This person wanted to rid the body of pharmaceutical traces. Or said that was the goal. I don't practice with that as a chief complaint; I'd likely get my license revoked if I did.

This person obviously wants to feel better. This is what I do. However, this person was not going to let me get a word in edgewise unless it was "absolutely, I do exactly that." See above statement about false claims and getting license revoked. What do you mean I can't pinpoint diagnose without seeing you in person?!? The person ended up calling someone else, for reflexology. Reflexology? To rid the body of pharmaceuticals? Right. Kill me now. *reminds self I do NOT want to start a patient relationship with someone whose logic swings that way* *considers that 3 months is probably not EVEN close to how much of an emergency fund I need* *happy to give information for free TO PEOPLE WHO LISTEN, but really irritated about not getting paid for the aggravation*


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